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Welcome to BoxerTUFF Pet Products

We strive to provide high quality, safe toys and care products for your pets. We use natural materials wherever possible to manufacture our products. Our tug toys are made of natural hemp rope, our dental balls are made with natural rubber and our sprays and waxes are made with 100% natural ingredients.



We are excited to announce that BoxerTUFF Pet Products is now located in Katy, TX to better serve our expanding network of US customers. We will continue to offer worldwide shipping to our online customers and retail partners from our new location.

Why Hemp?

We use premium hemp rope for our dog toys for the following reasons:

  • Hemp is free of herbicides and pesticides

  • Hemp is naturally mold and mildew resistant

  • Hemp is strong, fast growing, highly sustainable and eco-friendly

  • Hemp is completely biodegradable

  • Hemp fibres are short stranded and completely digestible so your dog can play worry free

  • Our hemp rope is always unprocessed and healthy for your dog

Who We Are

First and foremost we are dog lovers! We have always had dogs, and can't imagine our lives without them. We have had German Shepherds, Dobermans and Boxers.


We believe that dogs are part of the family, and we firmly believe that they deserve healthy, natural and non-toxic toys and products. Think about how dogs play, EVERYTHING goes into their mouth, literally everything. Now think about where their toys are coming from, and what they are made out of. The toys you buy at the dollar stores and most big box stores are produced and sold with one goal in mind - PROFIT! Think about that for a much quality material can there be in a toy that retails for $5 or $10? Not very much, I can assure you of that. We are poisoning our dogs with these cheap, unregulated and dangerous toys. We are here to offer an better alternative.

BoxerTUFF Pet Products manufactures and distributes premium, hand made pet products. We believe that your pet deserves healthy, natural, non-toxic products. It is our mission to provide great quality products at a reasonable price, while helping as many pets as we can in the process. We donate a portion of each sale to various shelters and rescues.

Our Boxers

Customer Testimonials

Maggie with her little brother's new toy


Guelph, Ontario

"Charlie absolutely loves his first new toy!"


Guelph, Ontario

Having fun with my Good Clean Fun!

Beautiful Brindle

Ontario, Canada

"Jack loves it and won't stop playing with it, thank you!"


Muskoka, Ontario

Millie can't get enough of her Good Clean Fun hemp tug


London, Ontario

Storm loving her new Good Clean Fun tug toy


Ontario, Canada

Loving my new dental ball!


Ottawa, Ontario

This Dental Ball sure is fun!


Ontario, Canada

I love my new Good Clean Fun hemp rope tug toy!


Ontario, Canada

This is my new favourite toy!


Ontario, Canada

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