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Copper Care

  • BoxerTUFF Slime Free Copper Bowls are for water only. Copper is ideal for water but is not meant for, or safe for food use. Our bowls are unlacquered, and acidic substances such as dog and cat foods could leach copper and tarnish the bowl.

  • Copper bowls should only be used indoors as organic debris can cause the copper to tarnish and stain.

  • Water with heavy metals may cause copper to tarnish or deteriorate. Most city water supplies are filtered to make water safe for copper plumbing.

  • Bowls that are significantly scratched, tarnished, or otherwise deformed or damaged should be repaired or replaced.

  • Copper and Silver are known for their high thermodynamic stability and resistance to reacting with the environment but, very slowly, copper items may tarnish. To remove tarnishing we recommend polishing with a non-toxic, non-abrasive copper polish as needed.

  • Do not use a copper bowl that has tarnished so severely it has green spots. 

  •  Cold water considerably slows down copper tarnishing.

  • Dogs that have been diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease, or a breed that is susceptible to copper storage disease, should not use copper bowls as their primary water bowl. 

  • Our Slime Free Copper Bowls are hand wash only. Use cold water with or without a very mild detergent.


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