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TUFF Stick

TUFF Stick


Our 100% sustainable TUFF Sticks are harvested annually in the small coffee bean plantations of Vietnam. The unique wood of the coffee tree is tightly grained and dense, resulting in less splinters than typical sticks, and is a healthy and safe chew for dogs.

TUFF Sticks  are first dried, then cut and sanded to give your dog hours of chewing satisfaction. The fibres of the coffee wood act as a natural toothbrush and dental floss to help keep teeth and gums healthy and happy, all while providing natural mental stimulation for your dog.


Our TUFF Sticks do NOT contain caffeine.

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    These sticks will naturally produce small pieces of wood as they are chewed. These small pieces should not be sharp, and if swallowed they should not cause any issues. Use under supervision. Product of Vietnam.

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